Покемон: Современное Поколение

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation

Серии 1-27 из 193 эп. 24 мин.
Ограничение возраста 6+
Год 2002
Описание Продолжение
1 Get The Show On The Road!
2 A Ruin With A View
3 There\'s No Place Like Hoenn
4 You Can Never Taillow!
5 In The Knicker Of Time!
6 A Poached Ego!
7 Tree\'s A Crowd!
8 A Tail With A Twist
9 Taming Of The Shroomish!
10 You Said A Mouthful!
11 A Bite To Remember
12 The Lotad Lowdown
13 All Things Bright And Beautifly!
14 All In A Day\'s Wurmple!
15 Gonna Rule The School!
16 Winner By A Nosepass! (Субтитры)
17 Stairway To Devon! (Субтитры)
18 On A Wingull And A Prayer! (Субтитры)
19 Sharpedo Attack! (Субтитры)
20 Brave The Wave (Субтитры)
21 Which Wurmple Is Which? (Субтитры)
22 A Hole Lotta Trouble!! (Субтитры)
23 Gone Corphishin\' (Субтитры)
24 A Corphish Out Of Water! (Субтитры)
25 A Mudkip Mission! (Субтитры)
26 Turning Over A Nuzleaf! (Субтитры)
27 A Three Team Scheme! (Субтитры)